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High Spirits organises a wide variety of practical business training including Media, Presentation and Crisis training. Whether it’s a small meeting, a conference presentation or a television interview, we can help you deliver your message with confidence. Our directors both have backgrounds in television news, which means that our approach is very practical.


With 24 hour news channels the norm, and regional media and the internet becoming ever more important, managers increasingly need to be able to deal with the media in a confident and convincing way.


High Spirits offers a one-day course which teaches you how to handle the media when your company hits a crisis. You'll find out all the dos and don'ts in a practical way. You will learn how and when to release news to the press as the story develops from hour to hour and how to deal with interviews. Our trainers have had many years of experience in Crisis Training in fields ranging from the petrochemical industry to politics and airlines.


Get your message across in an effective way, either in a meeting, a video conference or when addressing hundreds of people from a conference platform. High Spirits has very experienced trainers with a background in the theatre and public speaking. They will work in a practical way to show you how to keep the attention of your audience, overcome your nervousness and strengthen your charisma.

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